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The Shor Group of Companies was founded by CEO David Shor. The Shor Group of Companies includes Labrador Media Group, Labrador Pictures, David Shor Productions, HFMC Holding Corporation, Management Rescources Group, and Shor Investment Group. With an extensive background in entertainment management, motion picture and live performance production, consulting, finance, and healthcare, The Shor Group of Companies, headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, have served startup clients as well as Fortune 500 companies in numerous industries in the U.S., Western Europe and the Middle East for over 30 years.















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David Shor is the founder and CEO of The Shor Group of Companies headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Shor has an extensive background in entertainment management, motion picture and live performance production, consulting and finance. He has served as the chief executive of the Shor Group of Companies for over 30 years, serving startup clients as well as Fortune 500 companies in numerous industries in the US Western Europe and the Middle East. He provides leadership and management expertise in the health care, financial services, and entertainment industries.

Mr Shor is the founder and CEO of David Shor Productions, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. Mr Shor produced his first show in 1975 featuring Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Santana & Poco as part of the kickoff celebrations for the USA bicentennial. DSP is involved in producing live entertainment, motion picture and television content. DSP recently announced a new project with its partner company SummitView Productions, through which they will produce high technology live performances, the first of which being a stage show, “I Feel Good," featuring the life and music of James Brown as told through the eyes of his 50 year assistant and most trusted advisor, Roosevelt RJ Johnson in his book “Holding The Coat”.

Mr. Shor is a principal and managing partner of Labrador Media Group, a Santa Barbara, California headquartered company that provides financing, production, development and distribution for filmmakers, writers and other artists, and of Labrador Pictures, a motion picture production company. Shor is also the managing director and lead producer of Sleepless In Seattle Management, LLC and Sleepless Musical, Ltd, formed to bring that iconic title to the stage in London’s West End. Mr. Shor is the lead producer of the show.

In his capacity as adviser/consultant to emerging entrepreneurs, Shor has helped to guide and navigate the products and careers of clients as diverse as organic cotton farmers, producers of alternative feminine hygiene products, multinational developers of information technology products, Fortune 100 companies, charitable organizations, mobile fitness centers, multinational insurance underwriters & brokers, internet service providers, advertising & public relations firms, medical device manufacturers, inventors, writers, directors, performers and other artists. Mr. Shor is involved in an early stage company developing patented Holographic “pods” that will be used as innovative advertising and marketing tools by companies of all types throughout the entire world.

Shor's clients in the entertainment industry include screenwriters, producers, directors and performers across the spectrum of the industry; from major showroom acts in Las Vegas, to world-renowned "cirque" performers, to movie production, to screenwriters, to event productions, to lyricists & composers. Shor has raised and managed tens of millions of dollars on behalf of his clients.

Shor has held senior executive positions with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. (now KPMG), Mc Donnell Douglas Corporation (now Boeing), Ferranti International Healthcare Systems Corporation, Pentamation Enterprises, Micro Healthsystems (now McKesson Corp.), and University of Maryland Medical System.

Shor has served as Producer/Executive Producer and managing partner of Labrador Pictures (feature motion pictures), Executive Producer for The Flying Cranes (cirque performers-worldwide), Producer for Goodman Productions (live events-Las Vegas), Producer for TJ Productions (live events), Production Adviser/Consultant for Delaware Pictures (motion pictures) Producer for Liberty Jam Corporation (live concerts including: Eric Clapton, Santana, The Eagles), Lead Producer for SummitView Productions (motion pictures, live performance & television) and others. Shor was Producer and Executive Producer of the recently released motion picture "Dave Barry's Complete Guide To Guys" and he is presently producing the stage adaptation of "Sleepless - The Musical" (based upon the Columbia Pictures film Sleepless In Seattle) to open on London’s West End. Shor has several motion picture projects and stage productions in various stages of development.

Shor has served as an advisor on numerous motion picture projects. Mr. Shor serves on numerous corporate and not-for-profit boards. Mr. Shor served as President of the Tahoe-Reno International Film Festival and is presently a member of the Producer's Network of the Cannes Film Festival, serves on the board of the Santa Barbara Police Foundation, served as Chairman of the Board and President of the Ojai Ventura International Film Festival and he served on the board of the Ray Bradbury Theater and Film Foundation.