Representative Client List

Insurance Industry

  • Alburger Basso deGrosz (insurance brokerage)
  • Keenan & Associates and Keenan Healthcare (insurance brokerage)
  • CIGNA Property & Casualty (underwriter)
  • Marsh & Mc Lennan , USA (insurance brokerage)
  • Palmer & Cay (insurance brokerage)
  • Benfield Group USA (insurance)
  • Kemper (insurance)

Healthcare Industry

  • McKesson - HBOC Corporation (healthcare information systems)
  • VCI Corporation (spinal clinics)
  • JZanus Group (consulting, claims processing)
  • QuadraMed Corporation (consulting, information systems)
  • Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center (healthcare provider)
  • Saint Barnabas Health System (healthcare provider)
  • Brunswick Hospital Center (healthcare provider)
  • Biodermis Corporation (medical device, medical products)
  • Inamed Corporation (medical device, medical products)
  • Medical Contouring Corporation (medical device)
  • Providers Guarantee Corporation (healthcare financial services)
  • IDX Corporation (healthcare information systems)
  • E-Claims de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
  • Deaconess Medical Center (healthcare provider)
  • Holland Mc Cormack Group (consultants)
  • Perisal Corporation (consultants)
  • HealthCorp Group Services, Inc. - Canada (healthcare conglomerate)
  • Alliance Imaging (imaging centers)
  • Canadian Imaging Centers (diagnostic imaging centers - Canada)

Consumer Products

  • FemMed Corporation (feminine products)
  • Fitness To You (mobile fitness)
  • DNA Botanical, Inc (hair products)
  • Broadway Linen Service, Inc. (linen services - hospitals/restaurants)
  • Organic Essentials Corporation (growers and manufacturers of organic cotten)


  • Labrador Pictures, LLC (motion picture production)
  • The Flying Cranes (entertainment)
  • Delaware Pictures (screenwriter)
  • Vladimir (entertainment)
  • Pyramid Dice Corporation (gaming devices)
  • Magic Lantern Productions (production company)
  • Outcry, Inc. (screenwriters)
  • Royal Lion, Inc (screenwriters)
  • Goodman Productions (promotions - entertainment industry)
  • Hiltop Films (cinema producers)
  • TJ Productions Corporation (event productions)
  • Tahoe-Reno International Film Festival
  • Liberty Jam Corporation (live events)
  • Picture Book Productions ( motion pictures/music production)
  • Ojai Film Festival
  • Herman Rush & Associates (television and motion picture production)
  • Ray Bradbury Theater & Film Foundation (film & theater productions)
  • Paradise Artists (booking agents)

Software and Telecommunications

  • Innovative Intelcom Industries, Inc (telecommunications)
  • Westinghouse Electric Corporation (telecommunications)
  • Sequoia Software Corporation (information systems)

Advertising / P.R.

  • KSR Advertising (advertising, public relations, marketing)
  • Snapdragon Interactive Corporation (internet services)
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