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CMP Key Features

HFMC Corporation provides capital and management solutions and a full range of consulting and financial advisory services to the healthcare industry.


Included in HFMCs array of products and services is a unique and proprietary insured cash flow stabilization product. The product is derived from an earlier insurance product, developed by HFMC and CIGNA and successfully underwritten and marketed in the late 90s, primarily to healthcare providers such as hospitals.

HFMCs proprietary cash flow stabilization program guarantees its customers a pre-determined minimum cash balance in their operating accounts each week, regardless of actual collections. The guaranty is funded via an insurance policy that brings insurance, banking and structured finance together as the means for financing this unique product.

At present, HFMCs program is the only insurance-based product that provides an affordable off-balance sheet solution to the problem of the significant cash flow fluctuations and the resulting financial instability suffered by large cash flow dependent enterprises. Competitive products currently available are limited to line-of-credit debt financing from banks and other non-bank lenders and/or factors, each of which negatively impacts the customers balance sheet, requires upfront fees, reserves, collateral pledges and most often, some form of corporate guarantee to cover the credit risk.

HFMC is unaware of any other insurance-based financial guaranty product available. The pricing and structure of available financing alternatives are mostly cost prohibitive or unavailable. Some competitive solutions require lenders to become intimately involved in the management of the underlying receivables. HFMC is unaware of any other product or service that can deliver the quality or cost effectiveness of its product without the need for collateral pledges and guarantees, and the complexities of individual account receivable management.


HFMC provides a full range of management consulting, business advisory and other professional services to healthcare providers and the companies that serve them. Through HFMCs sister company, Management Resources Group, a full range of professional services are available to HFMCs clients.

HFMC has provided a broad range of professional services to the healthcare industry. Engagements run the gamut from assisting start-up companies to develop products, marketing plans, and capitalization, to major healthcare providers requiring advisory assistance in specific aspects of their enterprise, to M & A advisory in multi-billion dollar transactions.

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