Labrador Media Group

Labrador Media Group was founded by writer/directorJeff Arch and producer David Shor.

The Labrador Media Group is a full spectrum media company specializing in the development, production and distribution of original entertainment for books, movies, new media and the stage.

Whether developed in-house or produced in partnership with other established companies and artists, each Labrador project is handpicked not only for its market viability, but also for its ability to be produced according to responsible fiscal guidelines, and distributed to targeted audiences, using a combination of traditional and cutting-edge delivery methods.

The hallmark of Labrador's approach is the personal care and attention paid to a select number of projects, ensuring that every stage of development moves smoothly forward to the next, while carefully protecting the projects original creative spark. By limiting the number of projects taken on at any given time, we can keep a close watch on quality control during production, as well as developing a timely and effective market strategy designed to take into account the unique nature of each individual project, as well as the tastes and expectations of the targeted audiences deemed most likely to respond.

Labrador's business model and corporate philosophy provide for a careful blend between the artistic sensibilities of each project and its value in the marketplace. Our strong relationships with the creative, financial and distribution sectors are key to putting out entertaining and socially responsible products that will keep audiences and stockholders happy enough to keep coming back. What makes this model even more unique is our ability to offer a royalty arrangement to the filmmaker that is significantly higher than the kind theyd get anywhere else.

Labrador Media Group is currently in development on several motion picture projects as well as in pre-production on the stage production of Sleepless In Seattle on Broadway.

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