Shor Investment Group:

Shor Investment Group (SIG) provides business advisory and investment capital for interesting, growth oriented entrepreneurial ventures. SIG works through Management Resources Group to provide a full range of consultative and business advisory services to early stage entrepreneurs, and through its established relationships with investment bankers, venture capitalists and private investors, to provide investment capital. SIG is also a direct investor.


SIG requests a formal submission of an executive summary or business plan before meetings or presentations are scheduled. Our preference is a 3-5 page proposal including all of the information typically provided in the executive summary of a full business plan. It is not necessary to forward a full business plan for our first review. Please clearly identify the management team and accomplishments, the company, product or service model, marketing strategy, and any other pertinent background information.

SIG will not accept business plans via email. They must be sent by mail to:

Shor Investment Group
3905 State Street
Santa Barbara, California 93105

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